All Wired Now

All Wired Now

We have entered into an Era of the Gaming world. When you come home after a brutal workday greeting your offspring no one cares to respond as they are hunched over and hypnotised by a hashtag#gizmo.

Playing videogames mimics the kinds of sensory assaults humans are programmed to associate with danger. When the brain senses danger, primitive survival mechanisms swiftly kick in to protect from harm. When this instinct gets triggered, our nervous system and hormones influence our state of arousal, jumping instantly to a state of hyperarousal the fight-or-flight response. These feelings can be hard to shake off even after the provoking incident is over impacting the hashtag#motor and hashtag#socialskills of the growing children.

I have been living in Singapore for the last nine years, and it has been my observation that be it children or adults they are all addicted to the mind-gobbling gadgets which have brainwashed them. I am baffled to see how even the adults are lost into the world of Video games. Everyone is lost in their phones either playing video games, surfing, or watching soaps.

It is extremely vital for parents to monitor the screen time and also fit in more outdoor activities which will balance the intellectual and development required for them to be successful.



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