Correct when you are corrected

Correct when you are corrected

Do not correct a fool, he will hate you; correct a wise, he will appreciate you.

In life, there are no perfect human beings are we are bound and going to make the same mistakes a number of times. It is said that a wise person learns from other people’s mistakes and a fool learns from his own. More importantly, it is not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them defines us.

I have been a fool in my life since I had to learn the hard way by making costly mistakes and has been able to correct it only when my preceptor pointed out to me that too after getting the proof of the pudding. Since then I have one regret in my life, and I ask the same question to my Master, why did I not meet him when I was 23.

I only wish I had him in life at that time where he would have corrected me, and I wouldn’t have lost all that time facing the repercussions of my mistakes. Today, I understand how important it is to be grateful when you have someone who is correcting you so that you can perfect and not fall or fail.

It is unfortunate that today’s generation doesn’t like to be corrected. They don’t value your concerns for them, not to commit the same mistakes that you did.

Correct your mistakes and progress. Be grateful to those who correct you.



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